Learn about powerful Emotional Cord Cutting with Bhakti Sondra Shaye at Life Changing Healing Center.

Emotional Cord Cutting

Would you like to free yourself from feeling tired, drained, weighed down by people or events from the past? Emotional Cord Cutting can help you do all this, and more.

Emotional Cord Cutting frees you from connections and situations from the past that may be weighing you down. It also enhances the relationships you keep. It is a very freeing and empowering experience, and an important healing modality.

Your energy may be drained by old relationships, you may be unable to disconnect from someone no matter what you do, you may be grieving a loss, you may have trouble leaving an event or situation behind. This is very common.

When we form connections with other people, through romantic relationships, friendships, family, work or all types of other connections, many actual energetic cords are formed which connect you to all these people. Your energy runs to these people through these cords. These connections can stay with you for many years after you think these people are no longer in your life. These energy cords can also keep you connected to situations from the past - situations that you may wish to release. This can significantly drain your energy and emotional resources.

You may have hundreds of these cords, depending on the work you do and relationships you have had. Imagine all the energy you may be feeding to people at this time, allowing your energy resources to drain.

Emotional Cord Cutting also strengthens the positive connections in your life by forming new, healthier energy cords.

During a session, all your energetic cords are removed, and then the cords to people you wish to remain connected with quickly reform. These positive cords reform with new energy from where you are now, letting go of all the old stagnant energy between you and those people. The Emotional Cord Cutting enables you to start over energetically with those you wish to keep in your life, which greatly enhances those connections. This is ideal for family, romantic and business relationships.

Emotional Cord Cutting complements other healing sessions you receive, as it enables you to stop draining your energy to many other people. Thus, you have more energy within yourself to process other healing sessions.

For energy workers, Emotional Cord Cutting enables you to disconnect from clients when not in session. As all energy workers know, maintaining your energy is so important and can be so challenging.

You may find that the healing also has an effect on family and friends. Since we are all connected and not separate, when you change so do all around you change.

Emotional Cord Cutting sessions can be performed from a distance if an in-person session is not possible. You will receive the same powerful effects as an in-person Emotional Cord Cutting.

Enjoy the freedom and empowerment of an Emotional Cord Cutting today! We wish you well on your way back to full health.

Emotional Cord Cutting Testimonials

"I gotta tell you, I feel so good. That cord cutting was no joke! Thank you sooo much."

"The emotional cord cutting you did for me was such a blessing and a relief. I'm forever grateful."

"The emotional cord cutting I found pushed the reset button on any dysfunctional relationships and released me emotionally."

"I'm good! I can't believe how well that worked and I am sooooo happy about it. You are awesome."

"The Emotional Cord Cutting helped me tremendously. I had been going through a painful breakup, and the thought of that person kept coming into my mind, no matter what I did. It was really getting me down. After the Cord Cutting, the breakup just went away. The thoughts about it just stopped as soon as I got the Cord Cutting. It was fantastic, and such a relief! I immediately felt more lucid, clearer, more energetic and less drained. I just felt better! People in my life that I wanted to disconnect from just went away as soon as I got the Cord Cutting! Also, I felt much happier. The Emotional Cord Cutting is definitely a great thing to do."

"I want to tell you how good I am feeling. It's been three weeks and I feel very different. Things are happening effortlessly, I do not feel drained, I am more myself. Thank you for what you did for me, it was very healing"

"The Emotional Cord Cutting has been profound. I believe that my entire life and being have shifted in a positive, loving way. My relationships with family and friends are completely different and I am so thankful to feel the way I do."

"During my stay at Creacon Lodge Retreat and Healing Centre in Ireland after an intense workshop, Sondra Shaye performed an amazing Emotional Cord Cutting session on me. It was a very memorable personal experience beyond the insight of words. I actually felt an empowering awareness, joy, and yet a deep sense of liberation on many levels of my existence."

"I am not a person that normally 'feels' energy healing, but this cord cutting was a profound emotional cleansing and evident shift for me. Throughout the entire day and into the night I continued to experience many deep-rooted emotional releases that were extraordinary. I confronted Sondra the next day after my cord cutting experience and informed her about my dramatic results. I also mentioned that people really need to know the significant 'release' benefits of this energetic healing modality."

"I believe the cord cutting session was powerful because it released the emotional attachments that were draining my life force."

"I dozed off during the session, but woke up really recharged and energized. It was much needed. Thank you for your incredible work!"

"Thank you Sondra for your unique healing gifts and the opportunity to share this special experience."

"The emotional cord cutting was very beneficial! Now I am realizing some of the unnoticed, but very toxic cords that formed in the past! Thanks again for sharing this gift!"

"I went in for a rising star session and emotional cord cutting. It has made an enormous difference for me and I am grateful to be feeling like myself again. Thank you!"

"I wanted to let you know that the effects of the last session (emotional cord cutting and rising star), were very powerful. My "condition" went away right away and I had boundless energy in addition to really getting my passion back for my work. I felt this really put me back together in many ways."

"Thank you for the session today. I already feel its profound effects."

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful healing, and a "cord cutting" of many layers. It really opened my eyes in a way that changed my perspective on relationships. I do know that it was essential for me to do that to move forward. I hope to see you either in a workshop or another healing session soon. You are a kind and talented healer."

"You just don't know how crucial the emotional cord cutting was!! I absolutely know I wouldn't be writing this without it. I'm actually going through current and old issues WITHOUT all the heavy emotional baggage that comes with these issues. I strongly suggest for future clients that you recommend the emotional cord cutting with them especially if they are emotionally/mentally challenged as I was before I started doing all this healing work. The emotional cord cutting doesn't just help with the emotional aspect of healing, but the resistance to healing as well! You noticed how much resistance I had to letting go of my issues, and now I am in a position where I can see myself FINALLY letting go of all those issues in the near future. This is just my two cents, but I wanted to put it in so that it helps someone just as much as it's helped me." - (Australia)

"I can't thank you enough for the beautiful healing I received yesterday! I have never felt that much energy during a distance healing before, and in fact I still feel the energy "rolling." You are so right - I feel quite a bit lighter to the point where I was a little surprised and bummed when I looked in the mirror and I hadn't dropped 10 pounds. I was really taken aback by the power and heat I experienced and how loving the energy was, as though I was held in a Prema Agni healing hug throughout the cord cutting. The other thing I have noticed is an intense increase of energy."

"I got my husband to admit that there was a huge shift in our lives following a session we had with you, and that I doubt it was a coincidence. Also, my relationship with his mom improved beyond belief after the emotional cord cutting I received!"

"Thank you! I feel so much going on I was just sitting and staring at this screen. I am sure we will work together again."

"I have done a lot of sleeping since the cord cutting - wow!!! Feels great, don't know what you picked up on but I feel so much better again!"

"This past week my mom totally switched from smoking cigarettes to e-cigs!! They work on batteries - no chemicals, no smoke!! I don't know what the connection is to the healing I received but I have to say that I've been gently introducing them for four years. Now bada-bing, bada-boom, she loves them! Pretty cool, huh!? For your loving assist I am beyond grateful. It is a huge deal!"

"Just want to let you know how much better I have been feeling since our session! Thank you so much. I especially feel the effects of the cord cutting, which is absolutely amazing."

"Emotional Cord Cutting works! I do feel lighter and the old programs are not running in my head all the time."

"Thank you for today, what a wonderful experience! I didn't expect to feel the freeness immediately, but I do and am so thankful."

"I fell asleep during the session and woke up feeling relaxed and peaceful. I thought you must have done more than the cord cutting, because later I felt a blissful sensation in the center of my chest. Thanks again."


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