Sacred Symbols

Prema Agni

Fire of Divine Love

Bhakti Sondra Shaye Prema Agni Sacred Symbol "We must set up the sacrificial fire known as Prema Agni within our self. We must feed the flame by truthful utterances or we quench it by uttering falsehood." - Mundakopanishad (Upanishads)

Prema Agni means "Fire of Divine Love". This precious symbol opens the heart for love to flow in and out.

Prema Agni can be drawn on anyone, by anyone.

To draw the Prema Agni symbol:

Share with the receiver that upon receiving Prema Agni, they are asked to donate $7 to a good cause, but not to you. (No money is exchanged between the person who receives a Prema Agni, and the person who draws the symbol. Please do not suggest to the person that they give the donation to any particular cause or organization.)

Ask the person to stand with their back to you and close their eyes. Make sure it is okay to draw this symbol on the person by asking your Higher Guidance. If you hear silence, it is safe to draw the symbol on the person. You then draw Prema Agni over the heart chakra on their back and down the spine as shown above. After you have drawn the symbol, place your right hand over the heart chakra on the person's back and your left hand lightly on their left shoulder. Then repeat to yourself three times, "Prema Agni, Prema Agni, Prema Agni." At this point, energy will flow from Source, through you and out your hand, energizing the symbol. Keep your hand in that position until you feel the energy is complete and has stopped flowing (usually this will be several seconds).

After the energy is complete, gently bring your hand back from the person's heart chakra, and hold your hand 2-3 inches from the person's physical body, with your palm facing the person's heart chakra. Keep your hand in this position for several seconds while debris leaves the person's heart chakra.

When you feel this release is complete, very gently tap the person's shoulders three times with the index and middle fingers of your hands (tap both shoulders at the same time). Then snap your fingers with both hands to disconnect from the person's energy.

Allow the person to stand quietly integrating the Prema Agni energy for as long as they wish. Some people will open their eyes immediately, and some will stand in meditation for several minutes. Either way is fine. When the person opens their eyes, you may hug them if it feels appropriate.

It is important that when you draw the zigzag on step two, you draw 9 points, not 8 or 10.

Please give a copy of this to whomever you draw the symbol on, so they can in turn share it with others, thus opening LOVE for the Planet.

How the Prema Agni symbol works its magic:

Step 1: The drawing of the Triangle opens a sacred gateway or portal into your being.*
Step 2: The zigzag line with nine points may feel like a laser beam, a lightning bolt cutting out anything that doesn't serve you now and pulling it down to the fires of the Kundalini to be transformed into Light.
Step 3: The Drawing of the Heart is able to pass through the armoring of the upper back because it is so unexpected that your defenses may be suspended and you may experience a freedom, or powerful release. For some, this feels like angel wings unfurling.
Step 4: The base of the Heart meets the tip of the Triangle and a line or stem of the Heart is drawn into the Triangle pulling the Heart with it. Because of the small aperture at the tip of the Triangle and the speed at which the line is being drawn the fullness of the Heart "pops" into the center and a radiant combination of Divinity and Love vibrates out into your whole system.
Step 5: The Horizontal Line drawn from the right moves across the back intersecting the tip of the Triangle on its journey to your left side. As the line finishes, a remarkable thing may happen. This seemingly one dimensional line may suddenly arch into the middle of your body at precisely the center point where the Line met the Triangle earlier. The feel of this new Line may be like an arrow and the power behind it like the bow of a large ice cutter ship (this boat may cut through anything - darkness, hesitation, etc.) Incredibly, almost simultaneously the Triangle tips from a vertical position to a horizontal one, pulled into position by the ice cutter and explodes Divine Love through and out your heart center. Here is where many experience pure Bliss.

*As the Triangle is drawn many people lose a sense of physical denseness, and become aware only of the Triangle as a remarkable entranceway. It may feel like a timeless oneness with a feeling of tremendous Love, wonder and beauty. A wonder of miracle proportion and a recognition or memory of every dimension in which our souls exist. And this is why the zigzag can be so effective because all we are is Light, so any tool that moves to clear debris is met with no resistance.

There are many aspects unified into this one powerful symbol.

Let's start with the triangle. This is an equilateral triangle with the point on top. It is an ancient symbol for Fire (Agni). It exists in all cultures. (In some cultures the triangle is reversed and symbolizes Water). The triangle is a symbol of the Holy Trinity: Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva, Father/Jesus/Holy Spirit, etc. The top point is the symbol of the Godhead, or in physics, the Monopole - the No Thing, Stillness, Non-Dualism, Unity. In classic Kabala, manifestation of Light takes place in the form of a triangle. First there is the point, the monopole, and then light descends from the Godhead, above, towards the below. Then the light creates a third point, and eventually returns above to its Source. This represents Involution, or Spirit into Matter.

The upside down triangle with the point on the bottom is the classic symbol of Water (again, some cultures have it reversed). In the Hebrew tradition, this represents Evolution, or Matter into Spirit. This symbol also represents Inertia, which pulls downward and suppresses activity, ie, Surrender. This passive aspect of Creation thus represents the Yoni (female organ), the Emblem of Energy (Shakti), or Cosmic Nature (Prakti). The corresponding number here is two.

The Seal of Solomon is a symbol of the unification of Fire and Water, the unification of opposites, Above and Below, Male and Female. This represents Unity Consciousness. Fire, Water, Air and Earth are all contained in this symbol. The fifth element, or Quintessence, is hidden, or implied. We will see later how all of this is tied into Prema Agni.

In the brain, the Medulla Oblongata is shaped like a Water triangle, and the triangular particles of light are received through here, and go out through the Third Eye (although Paramahansa Yogananda may have said the opposite). In the Brahma Randra area (there are different philosophies about this) there is the Rajas Nerve, Tamas Nerve, and Sattva Nerve, forming a Fire triangle. The Sattva Nerve is on top closest the Brahma Randra. So, the Medulla Oblongata, Water triangle, is the area where the Mastaka Granthi is located, so when that knot becomes undone, the Kundalini travels from Water, up to the Fire triangle of the tip top of the Brahmarandra. So the Seal of Solomon also symbolizes this process.

The Heart is the next aspect of this symbol.

The Heart of course holds the energy of Love. If we view it sideways, we have the number three and the Om symbol. Three is the number of the Holy Trinity, like the Triangle. So, in a heart shaped form, it is an Om extended downward and connecting to the tip top of the Triangle. This connection also forms a Cross. The heart is also a shape that implies an Ankh.

The Lightning Bolt, or Chevron, represents Lord Krishna's lightning bolt, the spark that lights the Divine Fire. The Chevron is also a symbol of "As Above, So Below". It is also a symbol of Kundalini, involution and evolution, and DNA. For lightning to strike, it needs two leaders, one coming from Above, and the other coming from Below. When the energy meets, zap! A lightning bolt is formed. A lightning bolt consists of two spirals of electricity, one going clockwise, and the other counterclockwise. The number nine signifies completion of a cycle, attainment, fulfillment, and there are nine points to the Chevron.

The Caduceus is implied in the Prema Agni symbol. The Caduceus is the symbol of two snakes twisting their way up a center line, often used by the medical profession. The center is the spine, or Sushumna. And the two snakes are the Ida and Pingala. The top is the Third Eye/Pineal Gland, which is said to be butterfly shaped. It may also be heart shaped.

There are two Crosses contained in Prema Agni, one perpendicular, and another diagonal. The perpendicular Cross implies the first beginnings of Creation, closer to stillness. The diagonal Cross implies motion, activity, multiplication, transference of information and sending ideas.

A vertical line symbolizes the first beginnings of Creation, the Above descending to the Below. This is origin of the number 1. (Before this is zero, the cosmic egg, 0). The vertical line is considered to be a symbol of Fire, a masculine energy. Physical fire also tends to burn in a vertical motion. The horizontal line is a symbol of Water, a feminine symbol. Physical water tends to flow horizontally. As with the Seal of Solomon, here is the unification of Fire and Water, and unification of opposites. The Hindu Swastika is implied. Here the five elements are in manifestation and motion, radiation, emanation from the center source.

A Hexagon is also implied here, six sides, and again the Seal of Solomon is implied here.

Several other symbols are implied in the Prema Agni symbol. Shiva's staff can be seen in the lower portion of the heart with the line or staff extending downward. Shiva is part of the Hindu religion's Holy Trinity: Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva. He is one of Hinduism's main Deities, and one of the most complex Gods of India, embodying seemingly contradictory qualities. He is the destroyer and the restorer, the great ascetic and the symbol for sensuality, the benevolent herder of souls and the wrathful avenger. Shiva comes to destroy all negativity in a person's life.

The symbol for the Muslim religion can also be implied, as can the Buddhist religion's Karmic Wheel of Life. The Buddhist Karmic Wheel contains the secrets of alchemy and manifestation.

The human figure is clearly represented both in the full Prema Agni symbol, and within the five-pointed star (see below). Here we see a representation of what the artist Michelangelo called the human potential for perfection. Michelangelo himself said, "Whoever strives for perfection is striving for something divine."

Highly Recommended: Meditate on the Sri Yantra Mandala, all triangles, thus including all five elements. This Mandala is said to give Moksha upon meditation.

All of the numbers are contained in Prema Agni.
1. Number One in the vertical line of the Cross.
2. Number Two in the symmetry of the symbol, and the right half of the heart and horizontal line of the Cross.
3. Number Three in the top of the Heart.
4. Number Four, which is the number for Earth or Square, is represented in the Cross.
5. Number Five is the Quintessence, the center of the Cross.
A Five-Pointed Star is also hidden within the Seal of Solomon. The Five-Pointed Star, which symbolizes World in Action, Man and the Microcosm, and the human potential for perfection, is also called the Five-Pointed Cross, the Ankh, and the Cross of the Druids. These are considered to be Five-Pointed Crosses, and are symbolic of the Tree of Life from the Kabala.
6. Number Six is implied within the Seal of Solomon and the Hexagon. This symbolizes the Macrocosm.
7. Number Seven appears many times within Prema Agni. Seven symbolizes Christ, the seven Chakras, seven Metals, seven Days, seven Body Systems, etc.
8. Number Eight is implied within the diagonal Cross. This Cross itself is symbolic of the number eight, Involution and Evolution, Above and Below. The Lemniscate, or horizontal figure eight, symbolizes Infinity, In Breath and Out Breath, SO HUM.
9. Number Nine is symbolized by the nine points of the lightning bolt, completion of a cycle.
10. And finally, Prema Agni came from The Godhead, The Stillness, The Monopole, The No Thing, thus: The Zero, or Cosmic Egg, or LINGAM. All things come from and return to this. Also called the Oroboros, the Serpent biting its tail, bottom Chakra Kundalini brought to the top.

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