Become a practitioner of the powerful Rising Star Healing System with Bhakti Sondra Shaye at Life Changing Healing Center.

Rising Star Healing System

Practitioner Training and Initiation Workshop

The Rising Star is one of the most complimentary and powerful healing systems on the planet at this time.

Initiation is now available to all who wish to become a practitioner of this powerful healing system. This initiation has recently been given to humanity from Source. It is from Source to Source, completely pure. The Rising Star healing system is a highly effective tool that assists humanity in moving forward toward health and enlightenment.

Upon receiving the Rising Star Practitioner initiation, your vibration will increase and you will move forward on your life’s path, bringing healing to yourself and releasing more of the negative ego that keeps you stuck in old patterns. In this way, you become a clearer channel through which these healing energies can flow to assist others in their healing process.

Even if you do not plan to offer sessions to others, once the energy of the Rising Star Healing System is within your aura (energy field), that healing energy will benefit all who come into your energy field.

Becoming a practitioner of the Rising Star Healing System will enable you to be in greater service to yourself and others.

What is an Initiation?

An initiation is a rite of passage, often signifying transition from one phase of life to another. Some initiations are natural life occurances, such as birth and death, while others are life experiences such as baptism, barmitzvah, marriage and giving birth, for example. A Spiritual Initiation, however, involves the transfer of energy from Source to the initiate, in order to awaken a consciousness or energy within. As the initiate’s consciousness rises, their perspective shifts to a higher vision, and they are able to make higher choices in their daily life, thus supporting their spiritual growth. Genuine spiritual initiations significantly raise the vibration of the initiate, enabling you to hold more energy in your being. Often, spiritual initiations open a channel for a particular sacred energy to flow from Source, through the initiate, to another person, thus enabling the initiate to be in greater service.

When you are drawn to receive a spiritual initiation, it is because that initiation is part of your path, your spiritual journey toward enlightenment. Often the energy or consciousness awakened with an initiation already lies within you, and the time is ripe for that energy to rise. You are also drawn to spiritual initiations when you realize that the material world cannot bring happiness. You search for more meaning in life, and find that closer connection with Source and being in greater service to others is the only path to fulfillment and discovering our True Self.

We are pleased to offer Rising Star Practitioner Training and Initiation. To attend a Rising Star workshop and experience this profound initiation for yourself, please visit our Upcoming Events page.

If you would like to organize a workshop in your area, please let us know. We are honored to share this powerful workshop with everyone.

To learn more about the Rising Star Healing System, please click here.

We wish you well on your journey.

Rising Star Practitioner Workshop Testimonials

"I would like to thank you sooo much for the "simply amazing" day we spent with you. The healings that are happening around me are so profound that I am not sure there are words to describe them. Much Love and Blessings to YOU."

"If you are even the slightest bit curious about this workshop, go. I'm telling you run, walk, fly, crawl - but do not miss the Rising Star Initiation Class with Sondra Shaye."

"Thank YOU so much for Sunday's class. I'll tell you what, I felt some big shifts happen when I started the rising star session but since Sunday I've felt some Ganormous shifts, like I'm almost stunned by it. I'm thinking things and feeling things I thought I would never feel. I've done so much vibrational/energy healing work the past 7 years but have never felt a shift like this. I am completely convinced of the power and purity of your work. And I feel SOOO honored to be able to practice it. If I think about it long enough it bugs me out. Thanks so much, I always love being in your presence."

"This was the most life-transforming workshop I have ever attended after Derek's."

"I feel like everything in my life has led me to this [initiation] day."

"All my words feel inadequate to what I experienced."

"Yesterday was such a beautiful experience, I can't thank you enough for sharing the Rising Star healing system with me. I am extremely blessed that you came into my life, you have transformed my life immensely. I want you know to know, you played a huge part in helping me connect with my truth, and realizing my purpose on the planet, so thank you again. This is the greatest gift ever. I'm so excited to spread this healing throughout our planet; making it a happier and better place to be. I'm so honored to have been initiated by you. I send you tons and tons of love, appreciation, and gratitude."

"Through Sondra's skillful guidance and pure connection to spirit, know you will experience miracles of transformation. And believe me if you're there you're ready. No one will be disappointed and all will receive gifts of clearing and insight that your conscious mind by itself could not manifest. The humbling power of Sacredness, the fierceness of Truth, and the expansive nature of Divine Love are all waiting for you. Open the Door."

"Thank you so much for an amazing day at Life Changing Healing Light Center. It was a blessing and honor to be in the presence of such divine energies. The initiation was so powerful, and I'm really feeling things being cleared out. I was actually crying during most of the flight back to Phoenix. The manner in which you facilitated the class was so beautiful and sacred. I'm looking forward to doing sessions and holding the space for the Rising Star to come thru and work its magic. Thank you. Blessings and Love."

"Again, thanks so much for teaching the practitioners workshop on Friday night. You are a brilliant teacher and so clear in your presentation – I love learning from you and look forward to learning more!"

"Thank you for the excellent initiation. Also, you are funny and delightful which made the day whiz by. I love the Rising Star Healing System. It will go hand in hand with all my work so I am doubly appreciative. And it is so beautiful, so perfect. Such a lovely dance of heaven and earth. This system clears out everything in such an EASY, straight forward way. Wow. My appreciation for you is beyond words."

"I feel like I'm still taking in the workshop!!! Wow!!! I really am SO GRATEFUL! So much of what my heart has so deeply longed for is coming into my life now!!!! Thank you so, so much!!!!"

"I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude about being a Rising Star practitioner. Never in my life have I felt so peaceful about the work I'm doing as I have with Rising Star. I am so moved to be doing this work and to be able to share this beautiful and powerful gift with others. I've never experienced anything like this. I am so grateful!"

"Thank you SO much for the private session and of course, the initiation into this awesome healing modality! My personal experience and shifts are still occurring! One of the most amazing things, among many, that I've experienced is an actual quieting of my negative ego voice. And when she does decide to "speak" that knee-jerk response she would usually get in return just does not occur. In other words, my inner struggle is disappearing! I just can't put into words what that feels like! I've had shifts in abundance, sexuality and emotion. It's wild! I've worked on a few people and simply love the energy that works through me and around me. What a gift that is in itself. So, I just can't thank you enough for blessing our group! Again, thank you so much for your wonderful gift that you gave to all of us."

"Sondra, I am so grateful that you have been put in my path. Sharing your gifts with me and us is truly a blessing. I don't really know the adjectives to describe the wonder that you, Derek and the Rising Star are to me, my heart knows. I consider it an honor to be associated with both you and Derek! It is a privilege to be of service. I feel so great and could go on gushing (ad nauseum)."

"Thank you for the wonders of your Rising Star Initiation workshop. Needless to say, I've been a little knocked out by the energy put out on that day. Thank you for sharing yourself and your amazing gifts with me and our group. You are so incredibly positive, encouraging and loving. Just being in your presence is a treat. Following the workshop, I felt something had been changed in me and would never be the same. With each day that passes I am feeling this more and more deeply. In truth, I believe something wonderful has been awakened within me and I so look forward to seeing and experiencing where this will carry me. My initiation was truly transformative and beautifully overwhelming and I am profoundly grateful to you, Derek and the Ascended Masters for this gift."

"Sondra, I cannot thank you enough for the gifts you have given me this year thru the Rising Star. I truly believe it is the beginning of a much more rewarding life."

"I really am so amazed watching you teach a class! The Karnak class and now the Rising Star. It comes together so beautifully, and so filled with Spirit, so inspiring, and funny too - you really make me laugh!"

"Thank you again so very much for the wonderful Rising Star Initiation workshop you held for us last Saturday. You are a beautiful teacher and a beautiful light and we were very blessed to work with you. I hope our paths have occasion to cross again."

"It was an amazing, empowering experience. Since the initiation, I feel at a higher level - and am not getting triggered or overwhelmed by things that previously did. Much gratitude and blessings to you."

"Hi Sondra, It was an amazing initiation and course. I am thrilled that I decided to participate. Thank you for sharing your blessings with me and giving me the opportunity to get involved in a very positive way. There are not enough words to express how grateful I am to you. Just know, you have literally changed my life for the greater :) Hence, the name that you've given your practice fits perfectly."

"I am an energy healer/practitioner/teacher consciously practicing for more than 10 years. The Rising Star Healing System is the most powerful energy healing experience of my life to date."

"When I was researching Rising Star I emailed the different practitioners to what they thought about it. Everybody had such great things to say and it's amazing how many people know you and say you're the one to go to on the East Coast so I'm very excited!! I don't want to do this just here and there I really want this as a profession and a lot of people say that's your specialty LOL."


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