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Learn about powerful Rising Star healing sessions with Bhakti Sondra Shaye at Life Changing Healing Center.

Rising Star Healing System

Private Healing Sessions

Would you like to feel better than you've ever felt before? Feel more happiness and joy, discover your true direction in life, bring forward your innate potential? The Rising Star Healing System can help you do all this, and more.

The Rising Star can assist in healing physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues, release trauma or illness, and quite simply transform your life! Unresolved issues, old or blocked energy and physical symptoms all fall away, leaving you feeling empowered, lighter, more joyful and energized. The Rising Star healing system even activates DNA, bringing forward your true potential and helping you to become the person you were born to be. Each Rising Star session brings healing to you for up to 21 days. It is considered among the most powerful healing systems available today.

The Rising Star is a unique, living energy that evolves as humanity evolves.

The Rising Star encompasses many other healing systems that exist on the planet at this time. As new healing systems come onto the planet, the Rising Star can incorporate them into itself. The Rising Star is a unique, living energy that evolves as humanity evolves.

The Rising Star is so simple and yet so powerful.

How does the Rising Star work?

The Rising Star raises the vibration of the aura (human energy field) and the energy field around every living thing. It also restructures your energy circuits to hold more life-force energy. In this way, your entire being is prepared to receive the higher energy of a Rising Star healing.

It is as if the healing energy knows exactly where it is needed most.

The Rising Star allows you and the practitioner to still your minds and transfer powerful life-force energy to the part of your being that needs it most, for your healing and rebalancing to full health. It is as if the healing energy knows precisely where it is needed most (sometimes not to the place that you think is best). It goes where it will do the most good for your overall well-being and health.

The Rising Star incorporates the energy of your personal lineage (both in this lifetime, as in your ancestral line, and on your soul level) into each session, thus bringing you the energy most beneficial and effective for you.

You may find that the healing also has an effect on family and friends. Since we are all connected and not separate, when you change so do all around you change.

During a healing session, all levels of your being are addressed.

During a healing session, all levels of your being are addressed: physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and etheric (a layer of energy that exists beyond physical matter, not visible to the eye), thus making the Rising Star extraordinarily comprehensive and effective.

Because the Rising Star works on so many different levels at once, a person receiving it, say for a bad back, may find that another illness or issue also receives healing. For example, lower back pain may be connected with unresolved father issues, or feelings of being unsupported. During a Rising Star session, all these levels receive healing - back pain, father issues and feeling unsupported - resulting in a very comprehensive and beneficial experience.

The Rising Star works on the five elements that exist within your being: fire, water, air, earth and ether. Although not always discernable to our limited human perspective, the first four elements are found in your physical body. While the fifth element, ether, refers to the part of you that is beyond the physical elements, directly connected to Source.

The Rising Star also brings healing to all seven body systems. The seven body systems are like seven layers of energy around you. The physical body is the first and most dense body system, and the only body system visible to the eye. The physical body is surrounded by six other body systems, including the emotional body system, and so on. As healing is brought to all body systems at once, very deep healing can occur.

The Rising Star is a Source to Source healing, completely pure.

Every session is unique.

The Rising Star is a Source to Source healing, completely pure. The healing energy comes from Source above and goes to Source within you. This Higher Consciousness that is actually performing the session, through the practitioner as a channel or conduit, knows exactly what you need on all levels - even more than you might know of yourself. Every session is completely unique, because with each session Source brings exactly what you need at that time.

Where did the Rising Star come from?

The Rising Star was channeled by Derek O'Neill, an extraordinary psychotherapist, healer and spiritual teacher from Ireland, during a More Truth Will Set You Free workshop in New York City where several hundred people witnessed the transmission. Since then, thousands around the world have received profound healing and agree that the Rising Star is very effective - in some cases, life changing. The overall response to this system speaks for itself, as many who have received healings have gone on to become Rising Star practitioners and teachers themselves.

Why are three healing sessions recommended?

During the first session your mind will want to follow what the practitioner is doing. So most people don't switch off and relax deeply. During the second session, the mind lets go of control more so that deeper issues can be addressed. In the third session, every part of your being is filled with love and light, and you are now ready to let go of the issue or dis-ease.

Are there any special requirements?

The Rising Star does not require you to have faith, follow a specific religion, or even believe in it, in order for it to be effective. It merely takes your willingness to heal and transform.

Rising Star healing sessions can be performed from a distance if an in-person session is not possible. You will receive the same powerful effects as an in-person healing session.

To become a Rising Star Practitioner, please click here for training and initiation information.

We wish you well on your way back to full health.

Rising Star Healing Session Testimonials

"I want to have another session of the rising star healing system. It has changed my life completely."

"Thank you Sondra - the whole experience was so profound and beautiful."

"Hi Sondra, Thanks for our session that was really life changing!"

"Thank you Sondra for the amazing work that you do. I've already released a lot of sadness in the past couple of days. You are such a blessing."

"I am an energy healer/practitioner/teacher consciously practicing for more than 10 years. The Rising Star Healing System is the most powerful energy healing experience of my life to date."

"Hi Sondra, Thank you for the healing sessions. I feel much much better, much more optimistic and happy and free and clear. I even got a call for a job interview, that I had been waiting on for a year. I am so much more clear on my life path of creating healing and love in this dimension and time. Thank you and all the great healers you work with. Much love."

"Thank you Sondra. Each healing session we notice a difference. It's really miraculous to see it unfolding."

"I'm still in awe of the energy of yesterday's healing session! Thank you so much for being such a gentle and powerful channel for God! I am overwhelmed!!!"

"After my first Rising Star healing, my wrist that was broken years ago is like new, and I finally stopped drinking coke which was a terrible addiction for me since childhood, among other benefits. Thank you!"

"Thank you again and again for an amazing and powerful experience. My leg is so much better. I canceled the chiropractor appointment that week."

"I feel shockingly well."

"I couldn't have imagined more miraculous blessings from the first session!"

"I am receiving the most astounding, wished for information today!!! Rising Star is amazing."

"Hi Sondra! I first and foremost wanted to give my extreme thanks for the work you did on me this week. I hadn't mentioned it, but I've had horrible neck and shoulder issues that have been manifesting since last year. Incredibly painful and restrictive. I woke up the next morning with it completely gone. I've been able to move my body in ways I've forgotten. I'm so very thankful for this and all of the other help this work is offering me. Thank you."

"I want you to know that last month following your treatment was one of my most prosperous months to date. I want to thank you for your part in my personal healing journey."

"Thanks a million, I really appreciate your healings so much."

"I just received a session from you about 10 days ago, the Rising Star. I feel great, and my mind feels very positive and loving. What a great feeling. Thank you!"

"Thank you so much for yesterday. It was quite an experience for me. I feel as though I was blessed to feel that amazing light. I slept very well and when I started my day this morning I felt as though I was seeing the usual things in a different way. I feel calmer and not as agitated. It seems as though a weight has been lifted. Even though I had to work most of the day and do chores later I am not feeling drained. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything."

"I definitely feel really really good, just more at peace, it is awesome."

"I want to formally thank you for all the work. I have noticed I'm lighter and freer!! I feel clarity. It's just great. Given how much better I feel - it's really quite amazing, more than I ever expected."

"It's been one week [since my Rising Star healing session]. I have to say that it was nothing like I expected. The treatment itself was the most powerful and mind boggling I've ever experienced. Since the session I felt like different parts were being worked on at different times, and still are. I don't think that anything was left out. Aside from all the physical changes, I have never been at such peace with myself. It is simply amazing. I definitely want to do the initiation. As a matter of fact I can't wait. Thank you for this wonderful healing."

"My Rising Star Session has been one of the most life-changing and meaningful gifts that I have ever been blessed with. An issue that I had been aware of, and struggled with, for as long as I can remember in this lifetime, lifted. And in its place I felt such sweetness and peace. It has blessed me with a whole new, truer experience of myself. And because of this, I'm finding my experience of being with others entirely new as well. I'm overwhelmed by the enormity of this gift. I thank you, Master Hilarion, all our helpers in Spirit, and God for a blessing I cherish. I thank Jesus for his message that was so helpful to me, and Derek for sharing this beautiful healing system with us. I am truly overwhelmed with what this has done for me. Thank you!!! So much love!!!"

"Every day gets better. I can't begin to tell you how different my life has become since the Rising Star session. I see and understand things in such a totally different way, and therefore deal with them as such. I am at peace with myself and within myself. It is absolutely incredible how powerful and wonderful this healing is, and as I said it just keeps getting better. Thank you sooo very much for being a part of my life and for introducing me to all of the life changing that has come as a result."

"I came to Sondra after discontinuing a number of psychiatric medications that I had been taking for over ten years, and after three Rising Star healing sessions, I now feel more balanced, clear, and joyful than I have ever felt in my life. Sondra's work has been life changing for me, helping me to release and heal what has been holding me back. I am filled with so much gratitude and joy, and feel so blessed to have received these healings. Thank you Sondra!"

"I'm still clearing! Thanks. I'm used to clearing hours on end but this is kicking my butt. I must say I'm impressed. I'm very careful about the healers I use. I didn't realize how powerful Rising Star can be. Typically do my own healing then get help if needed. Thanks again. Blessings to you and yours."

"So powerful. I'm on fire. Transfiguration of flesh and blood. A deepening of the soul and a relationship with God. A peace is permeating the body and brain, more and more each day it deepens ........ The energy is finally clearing. It was so intense yesterday I got dizzy, then it started going through the mental and emotional bodies. Day before was physical, then last night my brain was being repatterned and my memory became faulty as if alot [I don't need] was being wiped out. Feeling more peace and strength coming through and in me. Stay tuned."

"I can only say that this healing session has truly been one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I had no idea of the scope and magnitude of change and transformation I would go through. Sondra, your channel is really amazing and special. I could actually feel and see negative energy leave me, and my heart center open more than it ever has, or I until that time even thought possible! Even now, a week later, my body still continues to tingle and grow, and I am filled with more joy and clearness of spirit. A heartfelt thanks to you, Derek and the Life Changing Healing Center - Just think if everyone could do this. Wow!"

"Thank you for the Rising Star session. I have concrete evidence of a physical healing. The movement on the emotional and mental levels has been tremendous. There has been a lining up of positive events in my life which is baffling, and my connection with God is becoming more consistent. There is an inner knowing, some sort of communication available to me now that I couldn't access before. Much appreciation to you and Derek."

"I do feel so amazed by our session, and I cannot thank you enough. I have seen many things this week in myself that I have never realized before, especially with my relationship with my husband. Thank you so very much. I look forward to my continuing spiritual journey, and look forward to seeing you again."

"Hello Sondra! I know it has only been 14 hours since my healing session with you, but there are no words to describe how I feel. All I can say is that I'm aware of such profound changes. I could not stop laughing and smiling during the five block walk to my car after I left last night. In a way I feel like my old lighthearted optimistic self again, but much more! I was so alive when I came home, I was dancing in the living room, my husband was laughing! When I woke up this morning I felt SUPER!!! THANK YOU AGAIN, I want everyone I know to experience your healing!"

"I experienced a great peace with the Rising Star and in the subsequent week had issues and emotions that I've been trying to deal with for years come up and release. My girlfriend resolved a long-standing milk allergy and back problem in the weeks following the treatment. She was amazed. I would recommend it to anyone looking for spiritual growth and emotional/physical healing."

"Sondra, thank you for the wonderful healing. I felt absolutely beautiful the next day. I also noticed positive, powerful changes in myself in dealing with a difficult family member during the holidays. What a blessing. I am so grateful. Again, thanks, blessings and love."

"My daughter told me after I came back from your healing, she said, 'You look different. You look healthy and happy.' Several times. She looked calmer and happier also."

"Thank you so much for the wonderful healing and for all of the time you took with me. I am SO much better. It made a huge difference! My holiday went very well and I was able to be with my family without garbage in the way and have a great time. I feel like myself again! Thank you again. The work you did was very powerful!"

"I've been very well since I saw you - in fact, don't think I've ever been better. I have had such a positive response physically to the Emotional Cord Cutting and the first Rising Star session. Thank you so much for everything you've already done for me."

"Hi Sondra, thanks for your healing and guidance. It was indeed VERY powerful. I was amazed that remote healing was that intense. I felt a strong energy from my neck to mid back being 'pulled' out in the beginning of the session, then it went to my lower back and spine (areas I've been feeling a lot of stress and pain) then my head was cleansed. Eventually I went into a deep sleep and woke up feeling renewed. Again, thank you!"

"The first Rising Star healing has had such positive effects on my health, energy levels, concentration - I'm super performing at work and I seem to find better ways of doing things. I feel I'm in the flow of things, that development is taking place on some higher subconscious level."

"Slept very well last night, my mind is a lot clearer, I feel so much more in control of my emotions."

"Thank you so much for the Rising Star distant healing. I felt the energies very strongly. I am amazed that from the day of the healing my work life has improved dramatically, I am able to wake up at 6am without a problem and I am beginning to notice better ways of working things out, whether it's organizing my items at home or how I use my time at work. My brain seems so much more efficient and I am so grateful."

"Hi Sondra, WOW! Today was a day I've been extremely anxious about, as I've had some major responsibility and navigations to manage. I awakened super early to take on the day, and was overwhelmed with the strongest sense of optimism and inspiration! My internal battery has never felt so charged! Although I encountered some frustrations early in the day, I also felt impermeable to anything challenging my joy (an emotion that has been foreign to me for a while, for all that has been occurring). I got the most joyous and bright day. You worked miracles and I am so grateful and determined to stay in this light! I also was able to remove myself entirely and permanently from an extremely depressing and toxic environment. I cannot thank you enough for all of your blessings and love and light!!! I will definitely continue with more sessions!"

"My healing is still just absolutely wonderful. Thank you again and again. I have really felt and witnessed the effects of this."

"Dear Sondra, Thank you so much for the Cord Cutting and Rising Star healing session you provided for me. Thanks to you, now I feel well and full of energy. I am genuinely happy. You are an angel. Thank you!"

"Hi Sondra, 4 years ago my friend recommended I do a session with you to get over a very toxic relationship that was dragging me down for years. You were amazing, we did the rising star and the cutting cord. I was completely released and a few months later I met the man I am now happily married to."

"Hi Sondra, I wanted to tell you that I saw a friend tonight for the first time in a while and the first thing she said was, 'You look so good! You're, like, glowing!' Given that I was not wearing makeup and was not particularly put together, I can only assume she was noticing the results of yesterday's energy work."

"Just wanted to share I feel positively buoyant today!"

"Today is another day filled with blessings. Thank you!"

"Just want to let you know it's been a week since my healing rising star and career blessing and I have been feeling really good. Just clear and focused, and a little bit of a buzz. I feel centered and it's like my energetic field rests about 6 inches above my normal level. And sleeping really peacefully. Thanks again for your help."

"While I am accustomed to the feeling of energy transfer due to being attuned to Reiki level 1, the Rising Star and Emotional Cord Cutting were definitely on a complete different level. I am utmost grateful, Sondra!"

"Hi Sondra, I checked in with my mother this morning and asked her how she was feeling. For the first time ever she said she was fine. LOL. My mom would normally use every opportunity to tell someone she feels awful. So again two thumbs up."

"LOTS of very positive shifting these past 2 weeks! I am very pleased with the healing session and that it is bringing these shifts. It seems to be all encompassing - i.e., related to finances, goals and creative work. Thank you again, Sondra. I feel blessed to have been led to you."

"The way I can best describe this past month is absolutely transformative. So I'm looking forward to the 3rd session. I love Rising Star! Thank you so much for the blessing of this work."

"Thank you sooooo much for your beautiful healing, I really appreciate it."

"Thank you again for the healing sessions. I feel different and I notice my reactions are different. I used to get very, very drained around my mother every time I saw her, and that wasn't one of my concerns when I came to you. But I notice, my reactions to my mother are so much more easygoing. I don't get that drained feeling around her anymore."

"Hi Sondra, Thank you so much for these Rising Star sessions. The unyielding nightmares truly dissipated the moment I connected with you. Despite more challenges, I'm no longer 'trapped in darkness' and have an overall illuminated perception, again. Traumas have ceased to occur. I feel permanently re-connected with that higher power :) With much gratitude and love."

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