Sacred Symbols

Rising Star

Bhakti Sondra Shaye Rising Star Sacred Symbol The Rising Star symbol has a profound effect on our consciousness.

"The top of the star represents the Crown Chakra. The heart shape represents the Heart Chakra. The bottom, center of the triangle is the Root Chakra. So, within the symbol, you have your seven chakras. Now, right from the bottom of the star there are five strokes coming out. Then on each side you have three strokes coming out of the star. What is five and three? Eight. And what is eight and three? Eleven. The number eleven is Christ Consciousness. So these three strokes on each side of the star are wings. The five strokes below are a tail. Together they represent the peacock. That is because if you ever look at a picture of a highly evolved being called an Avatar, you will see that he always has a peacock beside him. The peacock represents the ego, and the Avatar always travels on the ego's back.

When you start doing a Rising Star healing, what happens as soon as you set down this grid on the Crown Chakra is that the Rising Star symbol sits right on top of the person. You could actually tell people to get off your healing table at that stage, but that probably won't give you any more business. People like a process, so you better give them the whole process. The truth is though that as soon as you put your hands in that position, it happens and the healing is done right then.

When you start to use the spiritual energy for yourself, what begins to happen is you let the world be. You don't even use the words, "I am a healer." That is not really what you are. You are greater than that, particularly when you use a system like the Rising Star that is on the planet at the moment. It incorporates any tag that is otherwise labeled as healing. It incorporates it right into itself and is of the highest vibration. It gives anyone who is attuned to it the opportunity to feel what it is like to be not be the Doer. I say, "Hey, stop trying to add to perfection." We don't need it. People ask me questions like, "Is it okay to wave my hand behind my head six times before I start?" The Rising Star is so simple, outrageously simple, because you are not the Doer. I tell all practitioners of the Rising Star how they will know they are a real practitioner of the Rising Star - it is when they walk into a room and cancer is gone. Now for those of you who are a practitioner of the Rising Star: If you are really channeling to its full strength, nothing can stand in its way. The only thing standing in its way is you. You can only do what you do, which is nothing. But you must live your life as if you were the Doer because if you don't, you won't survive. During the Rising Star treatment, not only are you getting paid for meditating on God, but you also have the opportunity to sit with God and be paid."

- Derek O'Neill, from his book, More Truth Will Set You Free

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