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SQ Symbol

Spiritual Quotient

Be Still. Take a Deep Breath. Absorb the full energy of this symbol.

We as human beings have been gifted with an innate potential to perceive, contemplate, and experience the Spirit of one's self and of others. It is our Spiritual Quotient - the SQ - that stands for the ability to use Spirit to guide our thoughts, words, and actions in alignment with 5 fundamental human values; Love, Peace, Truth, Right Action and Non-Violence. The SQ symbol embodies these values and contains sacred geometry that will have quite a profound impact on your consciousness.

The 'S' is a snake representing the kundalini energy. The snake moves through the S, which also stands for Service and is one of the greatest paths to enlightenment and negative ego elimination. As Sai Baba says, "Service to Man is service to God."

The 'Q' is also a snake and joins the 'S' to form the head of the snake, which is turning back toward itself where the seed of creation and potential lies. The head of the snake points to the center of the Q, which symbolizes zero - the return to the zero-point or nothingness from where all God potential emanates. This indicates that we are being prepared to begin resourcing or feeding ourselves from the real guru/teacher that lies within. By utilizing our own internal guidance systems, we start to develop our own awareness of the truth that will set us free. Also notice the seed pod in the 'Q' is that of a dandelion, which might remind us of childhood when we picked them and blew on them so that all the seeds floated in the air - what a freeing experience!

Looking at the SQ, if we enclose the whole symbol, we have three spirals, like the ones found in the Om of the Hindus as well as the Celtic Om/spirals at the entrance of New Grange. So truly, this symbol has a lot of hidden messages that the higher consciousness will recognize to begin the process of awakening.

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