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ray ban sunglasses outlet online jiuaimei11 teach women dress up Huang Yi attended a brand of activities, memory, she appeared in the public view is a long time ago, I remember when she filmed the TV series 'on the wrong sedan to marry Lang', TV drama 'My Fair Princess third heaven and earth ', Are all like the TV series, her image is also deeply imprinted in our minds. After the divorce crisis she now appears on the screen has also been very haggard. Huang Yi attended the activities of facial puffiness. Laughed even mouth crooked eye oblique Huang Yi postpartum comeback the whole person 's body completely aliasing. Weight is very high, there was no time to look beautiful. Once she domineering exposed, This year 's August and September is simply a big wedding season, not only to run a friend' s wedding, but also with the star 's wedding distressed Division I entertainment editor. Having said that, each girl wants herself to become You searched the whole picture, and finally heard the wedding. As a first look at how stars stars, the most beautiful wedding in the most beautiful one that attracted attention, so the various makeup of the wedding dress

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